Zac Sacobie Rucker

Developer. Musician. Artist.

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Fluent in many back end and front end languages, including Java, C#, PHP, Javascript (Node JS, JQuery), Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, VBScript, VB, and ASP



I have run Heathens Home Recordings out my apartment for about 4 years now. Not only am I dedicated to my own music, but I also like to help out local recording artists by giving them a place to record. I have released 5 albums since 2012.



I am always involved in some sort of project, either around the house or with others. Whether that's working on my motorcycle, helping a friend build a PC, building a website for someone, cooking something delicious, or playing music, I am always trying to get more involved. I spend most of my time in Cincinnati around the Mount Lookout area.

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